Damage caused by damp on a wall in modern house

There are so many things that can have a negative impact on your home as a result of a water damage incident.  One such thing though that you really want to pay attention to is that of mold and bacteria.  When you have a water damage incident in your home what you may find is that there is an increased risk of mold and bacteria not only forming, but spreading at a pretty rapid rate.  No one wants to deal with bacteria in their home and water damage restoration Jacksonville service providers are what can allow you to hopefully avoid it.


Water damage is one of the most common reasons as to why mold and bacteria begins to form in any home.  The reason is pretty simple in that mold and bacteria need moisture in order to actually form.  Water damage restoration Jacksonville works to try and fight this moisture.  What we at Anderson Restoration do when we are called to a home is that we will begin our work by assessing where all of the moisture and water damage exists.  We will do our full assessment of the situation so that we can have a good understanding of what we are dealing with and the right approach to take to handle the issue at hand.  After that, the next step is for us to act to try and not only get rid of mold and bacteria, but prevent it from forming in the first place.


Moisture Allowed to Saturate Into Assets


When you have water damage in your home mold and bacteria formation is that much more likely.  This is due to the fact that moisture is what allows mold and bacteria to form out of the gate.  When you have a water damage incident you have an increased risk of moisture being allowed to really saturate into all of your assets.  Think about what happens when you have wood in your walls that is left to just sit in a puddle of water for hours, maybe even days on end.  The longer that the wood is just left sitting there what is going to happen is that the wood is going to saturate up that moisture more and more.  As it does this you may see that mold and bacteria begins to form at a pretty rapid rate.


Longer Moisture Sits, More Bacteria Grows


It does not take long for mold and bacteria to form in the home after a water damage incident.  The longer that the moisture is allowed to just sit there though the higher the chance that the mold and bacteria forms.  When this occurs it is going to be that much harder to eliminate, as we will discuss below.  The rule of thumb is that you want to reach out to water damage restoration Jacksonville professionals within 48-hours of a water damage incident popping up in the first place.  This is because of the fact that when moisture is allowed you sit, you are opening your home up to a real opportunity for the water and the mold and bacteria to follow to really do some permanent harm.  


Once It Grows, Hard to Get Rid Of


When you have mold and bacteria that is allowed to fully form and begin to spread it is going to do that at a rate that is going to be hard to keep up with.  Once you have mold and bacteria spreading throughout your home it has the ability to pretty much go anywhere.  It is much harder to get rid of mold and bacteria than it is to prevent it from forming in the first place.  That is why so many water damage restoration Jacksonville professionals will recommend reaching out to them sooner rather than later once water damage strikes.

Time is something that is extremely valuable when you’re talking about water damage.  The longer that you allow moisture to sit and saturate into the assets of your home, the more exposure to mold and bacteria growth you are putting out there.  We at Anderson Restoration are available around the clock so that we can be contacted and begin work to prevent the growth and spread of mold and bacteria as much as possible.  This is all with the intent of restoring your home and getting it back to where it once was.