Areas of Focus Where Mold Can Easily Form Following a Flood

Mold is one of the leading causes of air pollution indoors. The truth though is that very few people understand the real risks around the mold, how it can form, where it is most likely to develop, and what can be done to prevent it. Mold continues to make headlines though across the United States due to the way it can create, spread bacteria through the air of homes, and cause serious health problems for families, as well as pets. The need for mold removal Jacksonville professionals has never been higher.

Anywhere the Water Was Able to Reach

The easy answer when it comes to areas of focus regarding mold growth following a flood is anywhere that the water was able to reach. When you have water inside of the home, you are at an increased risk of mold growth; it is as simple as that. It does not take long, less than 48-hours, for mold to begin to form in the home after a flood has struck.

Professionals like us at Anderson Restoration do have the ability to help. We want to get that call as soon as you are hit with the flood so that we can get on-site and begin our work as timely as possible. Anywhere that you have water in the home, you have an increased risk of mold growth.

The Moist Basement

One of the prime areas where it is very easy for mold to form is in the cellar. The basement is known to be one of the most humid areas of any home. Due to that high level of humidity, there is probably already a base layer of moisture down there, even before a flood occurs. You want to be aware of this and prepare for it so that the moisture does not become so bad that mold growth gets inevitable.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are other pivotal areas that you want to hone in on when it comes to the potential for mold growth. The bathroom especially, due to all of the plumbing and moisture that exists in there, presents a real opportunity for mold to take hold in short order.

Inside the Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Areas, where the eyes cannot see, are prime locales for mold to take hold inside of the home. Think about how much moisture can get inside of the walls, the ceilings, as well as the floors of a home. When the moisture gets in there due to a flood, it has the potential to form mold quite quickly. Our team of mold removal Jacksonville professionals understands this and can work to get rid of the mold or prevent it entirely. A homeowner may not even realize the problem exists in the first place. It is all about being proactive and making that call so that the moisture is detected and mold problem remediated.

Mold came into the news in a big way back when Hurricane Katrina took hold of the Southeast. When that struck, there were some incredible floods that the country had not seen in a very long time. When that comes, one of the big things that came out of it was the growth of bacteria, mold precisely, due to the water forming. Though not all storms are even close to as bad as that, water damage is a real problem, and there are common areas in the home you want to focus on about mold growth potential after a flood.