Going through a flood can be a truly trying experience for so many homeowners.  Think about the negative impact that a flood can have on a home in a short period of time.  Your home could be in great shape one day, and then a big tropical storm rolls through, dumping inches of rain that somehow make it into your home, and suddenly you have an emergency on your hands.  We are the trained flood damage restoration Jacksonville professionals that can help you fight through such an incident, but you should also be aware of the areas of concern.


Preventing Further Damage

The first area of focus that you definitely want to turn your attention to is preventing further damage.  Sure, you have gone through a flood and the home has been damaged.  While this may stink, what will be much worse is if that water that has made it into your home is allowed to spread elsewhere and do more damage than has already been done.  This is where we come into play as the flood damage restoration Jacksonville professionals.  What we can do when we make it out to your home is we can work to contain the flood damage event as soon as we arrive.  Once it is blocked off, it is then that we can assess how to best rectify the situation, restore your assets, and get your home back to normal.


Stopping Mold Growth

Stopping mold growth is another thing that you definitely want to pay a fair amount of attention to following a water damage incident.  When you end up with water in the home, it is not going to take long for that water to result in the growth and spreading of mold.

Studies have shown that after a water damage incident, it takes just 48-hours for mold to begin to grow and spread.  That is because the moisture has made it into your home and with the humid climate that exists in Jacksonville, FL, it is quite easy for the mold to begin to form. Once it does, the spreading of it is quite rapid.  You want to focus on preventing that from happening.


Restoring the Valuable Assets

There are going to be some assets that you can certainly restore and then others that are just probably not worth your time or attention.  Talk to your flood damage restoration Jacksonville professional about this before they begin their work.  For example, if you have a rug you were going to replace anyways, it may not make sense to try and restore that asset, as more focus could be placed elsewhere on an asset that is more valuable to you.  With the time of immense importance with flood damage, being aware of this is key.


Ensuring Structural Integrity of the Home

There is nothing more important than the structural integrity of your home.  When you have a flood damage event, though, it can put that in jeopardy.  This is why it is our last area of focus here and something that you want to hone in on and ask us about when we visit the home to assess the damage.

The areas of concern pertaining to flood damage in the home are vital for you to focus on for many reasons.  When you focus in on these areas you are going to be doing your home a service and also give it a much better chance of being fully restored.  On top of that, you are going to give us, the professional flood damage restoration Jacksonville experts, a fighting chance at doing our thing successfully as well.  Timing and knowledge are the two keys to ensuring that your home is fully restored following a flood damage incident in your home.