5 Things to Look For After A Bad Storm

Storms are extremely common in the state of Florida, especially during hurricane season. The day after the storm has passed is when it is time for you, as a homeowner, to assess the damage. You want to focus on some key areas of the home to make sure that everything made it through perfectly fine. If you do identify trouble spots, our water damage restoration service Jacksonville team is there to assist when called upon.

Checking the Roof

How did the roof hold up during the severe storm? You are going to want to check your roof from both the inside of the home, as well as from the exterior. From the outside, take a look at the roof and all of the shingles. Make sure that you do not see any areas where the shingles may have been damaged or may have blown off entirely.

Inside of the home is where you want to look for leaks. Was any water able to make it through the roof and into your attic, or ceilings of the home? Leaks can be fixed, but they need to be first identified before anything can be done.

State of the Windows

What is the state of the windows after the severe storm? Did you have any windows where the glass was broken entirely, or even just cracked? How about the frames of the windows, how did they hold up? You want to look at the windows as they are what is going to provide you with a lot of protection from the outside elements.

Looking for Water Entry

You also want to look for water entry everywhere. If you have a basement, this is the absolute first place that you want to check. As water levels increase and the water just keeps building up, it is going to put a lot of pressure on your foundation and any crack can lead to the water just coming right through. Make sure you do not have any water just making its way through and into the home.

Mold Growth

You also want to be on the lookout for any area where you may be experiencing mold growth. Even if you did not end up with a flood in the home, you might have had some moisture come in through your walls or some other spots. This can lead to mold growth and rapid spreading inside of the home. Our team of water damage restoration service Jacksonville professionals can help to identify mold and also remediate the problem, but awareness from the homeowner is the first step.

Siding Damage

How did the siding of your home hold up following the bad storm? The big storms that we are usually hit within Florida typically bring with them a lot of big winds. This can lead to siding that is just ripped right off of the house. You want to take a look at all of the siding that you have so that you know if it was able to stand strong throughout those big winds. Make sure that the siding is in OK shape and if not work to get it professionally repaired before the next storm does even more damage.

You want to have a lot of awareness as a homeowner following a bad Florida storm. Our water damage restoration service Jacksonville professionals are just a phone call aware, but it is up to you to check all of the important areas on your own first. Make sure you are checking the pivotal home spots after a severe storm to be sure all is still in sound shape.