5 Things to do Before You go out of Town

Thinking about going on vacation or leaving town for a while? Do you know the necessary precautions to keeping your home safe? Take into consideration all the tasks that need to get done before you head out for vacation, business, etc. The team at Anderson Restoration always stresses the importance of exceptional preparation so that you are not leaving home in a vulnerable state. Here’s how we suggest to have your home in sound order before you depart:

Unplugging and Switching Off Lights

You want to be sure you are unplugging and turning off all the lights. This is going to be a major power/money saver while you’re gone. There is a lot of risks that are presented when you leave lights on the inside of the home for elongated periods of time. Lamp shades and such can heat up to unsafe levels after many days. Unplugging and switching off lights decreases the likelihood of a fire. We want to help you avoid the need for our fire restoration Jacksonville services. No one wants to come home from vacation to a damaged home.

Stop the Mail

It’s always a good idea to get in contact with the post office and put an end to your mail for the dates you’ll be gone. You may think it’s safe to just sit in your mailbox for a week or two, but it’s not. Someone could steal your mail, things could get wet and damaged, etc. To avoid damages and privacy invasion, call the post office and put a stop on your mail so that you can quickly pick it up when you return.

Empty the Trash

Be sure that you are emptying the trash before you head out of town. The smell that can build up from unemptied trash and can attract rodents, pests and leave an unpleasant odor in your home. Throw away that trash so that you can keep your home clean and smelling fresh.

Pay the Bills

Paying bills is a crucial task that needs to be done before leaving home. Schedule payments so you have bills being paid while you’re gone or send out checks in the mail before you leave. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble upon your arrival home. Forgetting to do this can result in late fees and a hit to your credit score.

Check Faucets

Be sure you are checking faucets, toilets, washer, dryer, etc. before you leave. A leaky sink or running toilet can waste a lot of water over a week or two and cause many issues inside of the home. Not to mention, it’ll increase your water bill. Double checking these things can help you avoid such problems.

When planning a trip, be sure to put a lot of time and care into preparing your home. When you put in the time to get things ready, you have peace of mind over the state of your home while you are away. Follow these tips and avoid the need for our water or fire restoration Jacksonville services and keep your home safe!