5 Reasons a Flood Cleanup is NOT DIY

The homeowners that truly enjoy DIY projects are not going to like this, but flood cleanup is not something you should do on your own! How many times have you seen someone go through a flood and try to clean it up with a mop and a bucket? They spend hours trying to suck up the water, even pulling out the wet vacuum when times get tough, but never do the job fully. Our team of water extraction Jacksonville professionals have seen, on many occasions, DIY flood cleanup went wrong, leading to mold and mildew in the home.

Water Identification

The human eyes can be deceiving when it comes to a flood. Water identification is difficult. You may see a puddle and think the only water that exists is what’s there. Wrong! Water can get everywhere very quickly. If you see a pool of water next to a wall, chances are there is water behind that wall as well! It could even be under the flooring or above in the ceiling. We have water extraction Jacksonville equipment to identify all of this.

Mold Prevention

A wet vacuum can be helpful when it comes to flood cleanup, but it is not adequate to do the job right. You want to prevent mold from being able to spawn fully. Moisture that is allowed to remain inside of the home can spark bacteria to form, with full-blown mold not far behind. This gets back to water extraction Jacksonville tactics and making sure all of the water is gone.

Saving the Home’s Assets

You want to protect your home’s assets after a flood. Our team not only specializes in getting rid of the water but restoring your assets, as well! Call us early so that we can get out to the home before it is too late. You may think the flooring is ruined from a flood, but our experts may think otherwise.

Air Quality

A home’s air quality is critical. The cleaner the air inside of the home is, the healthier of an environment it is to live in. Once a flood is cleaned up, air quality has to be tested to ensure it is adequate. Our team will work on your behalf to make it safe once again.

100% Extraction

100% removal is the name of the game when it comes to cleaning up from a flood. We want to identify and get rid of all moisture in the home, no matter how small of an area it may be. Our equipment lets us do this and goes beyond what DIY pros are capable of.

There are plenty of reasons why flood cleanup is not a DIY project. Too many risks exist for you to try to take on such a task by yourself. Our water extraction Jacksonville professionals know how to identify and get rid of all moisture in the home in a flash. When you go through a flood, pick up that phone and reach out to us! We are here around the clock for a reason and it’s to help you through tough times like this.