5 Health Problems Caused by Mold

We always hear about just how dangerous mold can be to our health. Do you have a firm understanding of the health problems it presents? Regarding the symptoms, the actual health risks that can appear due to mold, what is your confidence level in being able to identify those? Our flood damage service Jacksonville professionals often get questions about mold risks and related health problems. We hear concerns on the part of homeowners about mold, but not many of them have a clear view of the health problems that can become present.

Respiratory Impact

There is a real respiratory impact that can be caused when you are exposed to mold inside of the home. The impact that mold can have on your lungs is no joke. The bacteria, once you start to breathe it in, can cause infections to form in the lungs, causing you issues breathing comfortably. While it would take a fair amount of exposure time for this to take hold, it is a concern to be well aware of.


Do you suffer from allergies to pollen and such? Chances are mold is going to cause those allergies to flare up as well! Mold can be detrimental to allergies that you may suffer from. When you are exposed to it in damp, indoor spaces, they can be a real downer to an otherwise sunny day.


Headaches are another common symptom to pay attention to about mold. Mold can get into your respiratory tracts as we discussed and can lead to severe headaches that begin to form. Think of it like a severe sinus headache that just magically creeps up on you, debilitating to put it simply.

Aches and Pains

Aches and pains can also form when you are exposed to mold for extended periods of time. This is going to impact young kids, the elderly, as well as pets first. Their weak immune systems are going to allow the mold to take hold much faster than with healthy adults.

Immune System Breakdown

Mold can work on harming your overall immune system. While this may not cause you to get sick in and of itself, it can expose you to other bacterias and such in a more open way. Think of the mold like a big storm that is trying to break down your front door. Once the door is broken down, all of that bad weather can come right in. The mold works much the same way with your immune system!

Mold is absolutely nothing to mess around with in the household. It takes very little time for mold to form inside of the home and to have a real impact on your overall level of health. Our flood damage service Jacksonville professionals understand that, which is why we always stress quick action. If you have water damage in the home, take care of it immediately! The longer you wait, the more likely mold is going to begin to form. Once it does, those health problems we discussed can start to crop up and take hold.