4 Ways to Prepare Your House for the Colder Months

The summer has to come to an end, whether we want it to or not! Those days of heat, the hours of hanging in the air conditioning to get comfortable must stop at some point. The ocean water cools, winter is starting to roll in. As a homeowner, you need to put in some work to prepare the house for these colder months. There are things our water damage services Jacksonville team can advise you on to help make, but other steps can also be executed on your own with a fair amount of ease.

Check the State of Your Windows

What is the state of your windows? Do you have windows that have begun to age as the years have gone by? Do you feel drafts coming through when it gets chilly at night? You want to get a good idea as to the state of the windows, how they are going to be able to perform from an energy efficiency perspective. If you have windows that are too old to insulate your home properly, you may want to think about upgrading them.

Roof Inspection

It may not be a bad idea to have your roof inspected before the colder months roll in. Our water damage services Jacksonville professionals see all of the time damage that has occurred due to the tiniest of roof leaks. The big rain storms you get in the summer can wreak havoc on the exterior of the home, and the shingles are going to take one of the greatest beatings of them all. Be sure you have this inspected, so you are confident it is sealing off the home.

Caring for Foundation Cracks

Cracks in the foundation should also be cared for as you prepare for the colder months. The repair of foundation cracks will help you accomplish a few key items. First, you are going to be able to insulate the home better, keeping the cold air out. Second, and this is where we come into play, you will be protecting the home from water leaking right through and into your living space.

Appliance Tune-Ups

The air conditioning system, as well as heating components you have, need to be cared for as well. Make sure both of these are cleaned. It is a good idea to look after the home HVAC system in-between the big seasons as you are going to be relying on them for either cold air or heat, depending on the time of the year. Have a professional assist you with this, so you are confident in their ability to function as expected.

Preparing the house for the colder months is a necessary step to ensuring energy efficiency, sealing the house to protect it from water damage, etc. Our water damage services Jacksonville professionals are here if you need if. If you take care of the home adequately though, get it ready for the winter, then the chances of you needing our emergency services will likely take a dip.