4 Important Steps We Take to Handle Fire Damage

Fire damage is something that no one ever wants to have to deal with as a homeowner. Just the thought of a fire inside of the home is something that can keep you up at night. Thankfully, there are professionals like us at Anderson Restoration that are trained and ready to help you, should fire damage ever strike. We are the emergency restoration company Jacksonville citizens rely on when they need their home brought back, restored. Fire damage does not mean that the home is a lost cause. It can be restored, and we are the team to help accomplish it!

The Assessment

The first important step we take to handle fire damage is, to begin with, assessment. We will be onsite to do this, looking at all of the damage. As a football coach, we are working on coming up with a game plan, a restoration plan we will follow. We are going to work to identify all of the areas of fire damage, where it is more prevalent than others, so we know where to put our focus and when.

Reducing Further Damage

We will also work to identify areas where further damage could occur. One of the ways we do this is to seal off areas of the home that have been impacted by the fire. If you have one room where all of the soot and smoke has cropped up, we want to seal it!
Sealing off space can prevent it from making its way to other areas of the home.

Inventory the Valuables

We want to catalog all of the valuables that you have. Our team is going to collect your assets and work to restore, as well as protect them. Everything in the house is going to be accounted for, labeled, cleaned, and restored as best that our team can.

Restore the Home

The last thing that we will do, the most important part of our job, is to reset the home and clean it fully. The work we do in this space is why emergency restoration company Jacksonville customers reach out to us! We will perform all of the cleanings that are needed, take care of repairs that are going to be necessary. All of the work we do here will have been identified in our restoration plan coming out of the gate. Our best practices, guidelines that are followed, are all in place to ensure high-quality results are achieved. We want it to look like you never had fire damage in the first place!

Fire damage restoration work is something we have honed our craft with for years now. We take pride in our availability being around the clock, 24-hours every day, seven days each week. We have a one-hour or less response time. If you call us, we will get to you as soon as we possibly can. The emergency restoration company Jacksonville citizens rely on is right here, Anderson Restoration! If you have fire damage, reach out to us so we can begin to bring your home back to its pristine state!