How can you tell if your refrigerator is leaking? If you have a leak in your kitchen but can’t find the source, look at the fridge! Most homeowners will assume the sink or dishwasher is the guilty party, but that may not be the case.

Take a peek underneath your refrigerator. Do you see a pool of water? If so, you repair the leak. Once fixed, assess the damage caused. Our team at Anderson Restoration can use infrared thermal imaging to see where the water traveled in your Jacksonville home.

The Water Filter

The water filter may be one reason why your refrigerator leaks. If you have a filter that isn’t properly installed, or it doesn’t fit correctly, the water supply may leak. The water from the supply must run securely through the filter before consumption. Lack of a proper fit is one of the main reasons a refrigerator leaks. The fix may be as simple as installing the correct filter.

Bottom Drain Pan

The refrigerator has a drain pan underneath it but they can crack over time, due to wear and tear. If the drain pan has a crack, water will surely leak. If you see a tiny bit of pooling beneath the drain pan, it may be ok, but a considerable pool is not!

Water Supply Line

You probably have a water supply line running to the refrigerator. Was it professionally installed? Have you checked the state of the supply line recently? Once we place our refrigerator in the resting position, it stays there for years! The water line may crack, or the connection may become loose causing water to leak.

Faulty Water and Ice Dispenser

Does your refrigerator have water and ice dispensers? You may notice that the cause of the leak is a malfunctioning dispenser. The water supply line is supposed to block off water when it is not needed. Just like a leaky faucet, though, the water and ice dispenser can also leak. The pool of water that forms may appear minimal, but it can quickly compound over time.

Refrigerator leaks can be caused by many common issues. All of these can be corrected, but do not forget about potential water damage to the home! We at Anderson Restoration can work to assess the water damage. We have infrared thermal imaging technology to scan the household. We can use it to look inside of the walls of your Jacksonville home and beneath the flooring. We get to see what your eyes can’t so that the leak’s damage can be repaired where it’s needed.