1901, 2018

3 Main Causes of a Fire and how to Avoid them

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This is especially true when it comes to fire damage. Smoking is one of the main causes of fires. The second main cause is cooking, followed by heating equipment and fireplaces. While smoking, cooking and heating equipment may be the primary causes of fires, these types of fires can easily be prevented.   […]

1001, 2018

Are You Safely and Correctly Maintaining Your Jacksonville Pool?

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Sick of the wind and cold, already? Dreaming of warm summer days by the pool? If you’re a Jacksonville homeowners with an indoor or outdoor pool, you should be asking yourself one essential question this winter: “Am I correctly and safely maintaining my pool?” Pool maintenance begins with maintaining the water quality up to standards and the equipment you use to treat it. […]

701, 2018

How to Get Back on Your Feet After a House Fire

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One of the most devastating events that can happen to a homeowner is a house fire. As you try to put back together your life and home, a million questions are running through your mind. Luckily, Anderson Restoration & Emergency Services provides services to help homeowners figure out the answers and find a path to recovery. […]

101, 2018

Double Check THESE Things Before Bringing Home a Baby

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Everyone is excited when a new addition comes into the family. However, your home might contain a number of hazards to infants. Double checking the following items will help you provide a safe environment for your little bundle of joy. […]

2812, 2017

Tips for Inspecting the Plumbing in Your New Jacksonville Home

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Are you in the market for a new home? If so, you want to make sure it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. But, first you should inspect it to see if it needs any work done before you buy it. You want to review everything, especially the plumbing. What are the best tactics for a […]

2512, 2017

This is Why Your Roof Started Leaking

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There is not much worse for homeowners than a leaking roof. When it rains, the last thing you want to do is get a drip bucket. What makes a roof leak? Is there anything you can do to avoid it? Our team of flood damage restoration professionals has seen Jacksonville homeowners suffer from roof leaks […]

2112, 2017

Quick Fixes for a Leaky Faucet

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Drip drip, drip dip. Have you ever had a leaky faucet? It can be annoying, and also potentially damaging to the home. The slow drip could lead to a need for flood damage service from our Jacksonville professionals if ignored for too long. What are some of the quick fixes for a leaky faucet? Let’s […]

1812, 2017

How to Safely Put Up Your Christmas Lights

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Before you turn the switch on and light up the night with your Christmas display, think safety! We at Anderson Restoration see emergency restoration situations across Jacksonville annually as a result of poor safety around Christmas lights. You always want to be safe and have a checklist in the back of your mind […]

1412, 2017

How to Properly Maintain Your Water Heater

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Cold showers are never any fun. Without a working water heater, this would be a daily trial. If you properly maintain it, your system can have a long lifespan and you won’t have to worry about that freezing water! But, what if your system starts to leak and creates the need for water damage services? […]

1112, 2017

How to Avoid Common House Fires Around the Holidays

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year. Friends and family come together sharing stories and laughter. We all decorate our homes, string lights and enjoy the moments. Many will purchase Christmas trees, start wood-burning fires and light candles. All of these present hazards to the home that must be acknowledged. […]