1611, 2017

How to Unclog Your Sink With a Plunger

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It is never a fun thing to end up with a sink that is clogged. Whether the sink has been plugged in the kitchen or bathroom, it can lead to wasting money on plumbers to fix something you can probably do on your own. Our emergency sewage cleanup Ponte Vedra team is […]

1311, 2017

How to Temporarily Fix a Leaking Pipe

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Water leaks can be incredibly messy and cause issues for you as a homeowner. The damage that can be caused by a leaking pipe is extensive. Our team at Anderson Restoration has seen homes, especially finished basements, take quite a beating from what started as just a pipe leak. You want to […]

911, 2017

How to Avoid a Flood if You Live on the Intracoastal

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Flooding is something that can strike from anywhere and at any time. You never really know when a flood is going to arise. All that you can do, especially if you live on the Intracoastal, is to prepare as much as you can. There are plenty of ways you can work to […]

611, 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient this Winter

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You may think that being energy efficient is all about caring for the environment and being mindful of your carbon footprint. There is a lot more to it than just that. It also revolves around you being able to save money each month. Our emergency water restoration Jacksonville team has seen countless […]

211, 2017

4 Precautions to Take Before Bringing Home a Puppy

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You have done all of your homework, and you think you are ready to bring home a new puppy! Before picking a day, you want to take adequate precautions to ensure that the home is ready! You could be as mentally prepared as possible, have a bowl of food ready, but you need […]

2610, 2017

The Most Common Home Damages Resulting from the Cold Weather

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Damage from cold weather can catch you by surprise. You may think your home is in great shape and you have everything under control until you start to see damage creep up without real notice. The winter months, especially when extremely cold, can be quite harsh. They can be detrimental to your […]

2310, 2017

The Most Common Causes of Flooding in a Home

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Flooding is more than just an inconvenience. When your home goes through a flood, it can be a real danger to the household on multiple levels. It can be damaging to the structure of the home, destructive to your prized possessions and more. There are some general causes of flooding in a […]

1910, 2017

Safety Precautions to Take During a Flood Alert

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You may be sitting at home watching your favorite television show when an alert arises. Your local news flips on making you aware of a flood alert in the area. Safety precautions are a requirement in these extreme situations. The National Weather Service has the job of informing your local area of […]

1610, 2017

Important Tips for Storing Propane Tanks

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The safe storage of propane tanks is something that homeowners often struggle with and are confused about. How do you safely store a propane tank for the winter? When the summer months wind down, it is time to get educated about such a topic. Even if it isn’t related to the season […]

1210, 2017

Important Essentials in any Home Emergency Kit

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A lot of value can be had from preparing ahead when it comes to home emergencies. You have probably heard about emergency kits for the home, but have you ever actually considered making one for your own family? If not, the time is now! The worst thing you can do is to […]