409, 2020

How to Check if Your Contractor did a Quality Job

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With the popularity of Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and online forums, shoddy construction work is a dime a dozen. While many businesses that offer services through these avenues are reputable, it’s always smart to do your research. Our team is here to help you navigate the confusing world of hiring a great contractor. Take a look […]

908, 2020

3 Ways Technology has Improved the Construction Industry

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The residential and commercial construction industries change with the times like everything else. What began with a simple tape measure now includes drones, 3D printers and virtual reality. Innovative advancements offer new design elements for property owners like you. It’s more exciting than ever to be a part of the construction industry. Here are three […]

1406, 2020

Why You Should Sanitize Your Office on a Regular Basis

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Cleanliness in the office space has always been important, but never more so than right now. There are a few steps to take before your team members make their way back to the desks and communal meeting spaces. In an effort to keep our Jacksonville community safe, Anderson Restoration provides top-of-the-line coronavirus clean-up. Here are […]

205, 2020

Benefits of a COVID-19 Emergency Cleanup Service

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The rapid spread of germs has never seemed more prevalent than it is today. While all of us are staying home to avoid the coronavirus, it’s crucial to consider the potential bacteria that lie within your house. According to a recent Harvard study, the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for up to three days. It’s […]

2901, 2018

Here’s How to Prevent Illnesses this Winter

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As the temperature drops lower and lower this winter, the chances you’ll catch anything from the sniffles to the flu drastically increases. With a few preventive steps, you can keep yourself and your family from getting illnesses this winter. Here are our best tips for keeping your home and family healthy this season: […]

2601, 2018

4 Ways to Care for Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors can provide homeowners with many benefits, including adding a distinct decorative style to any room. Following these four ways of caring for your hardwood floors can ensure the investment you made in your hardwood floors last for years to come. […]

2501, 2018

How to Safely Heat Your Home this Winter

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During the winter we often hear about house fires caused by space heaters or other heating equipment. Learning safe ways to heat your home can prevent you and your family from becoming victims. Here are some of Anderson Restoration & Emergency Service’s top tips: […]

2301, 2018

5 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Want to Keep

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We’re a month into the New Year and many of us have already broken our New Year’s resolutions for 2018. But no need to worry, because we have five easy New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep up with this year: […]

1901, 2018

3 Main Causes of a Fire and how to Avoid them

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This is especially true when it comes to fire damage. Smoking is one of the main causes of fires. The second main cause is cooking, followed by heating equipment and fireplaces. While smoking, cooking and heating equipment may be the primary causes of fires, these types of fires can easily be prevented.   […]

1001, 2018

Are You Safely and Correctly Maintaining Your Jacksonville Pool?

By |January 10th, 2018|Flood Damage, Water Extraction, Water Removal|0 Comments

Sick of the wind and cold, already? Dreaming of warm summer days by the pool? If you’re a Jacksonville homeowners with an indoor or outdoor pool, you should be asking yourself one essential question this winter: “Am I correctly and safely maintaining my pool?” Pool maintenance begins with maintaining the water quality up to standards and the equipment you use to treat it. […]